Television Industry

Some of the photos are out of chronological order as these performers appeared in one of my favorite TV shows - Babylon 5.

With Jerry Doyle from Babylon 5 (July, 2001)


With Claudia Christian (April 2002)


With Michael Ansara (April 2002)

Voice of the cool, crule, Mr. Freeze.  (Along with hundreds of other TV and movie characters.)


With (L to R) Tim Choate (Zathras from Babylon 5); Stephen Furst (Vir from Babylon 5, Crusade, Animal House, St. Elsewhere); and Julia Nickson, actor (Babylon 5, Star Trek)


With Marjorie Monaghan from Babylon 5 (July, 2001)


With June Lockhart  (July, 2001)


With Jonathan Harris (October, 2001)


With Ed Asner (October 2001)


With Gary Owens from Laugh-in and the voice of SPAAAAACE  GHOOOOST!! 

Gary is one of the nicest guys in show biz!  I am working on a Space Ghost figure for him.

(January 2002)

Sorry.  It these photos are a little fuzzy.

Gary signed a cel from the original Space Ghost series for me.  (January 2002)


With comedienne Ruth Buzzi (January 2002)


With William Shallert (April 2002)

He is one of those actors who has been in just about everything.  I told him that he embodied a veritable encyclopedia of television history.  He replied, "I sure have done a lot of it."


More to come in the next few months!!!!!