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One of the first comics I read featured the character of Deadman as drawn by Neal Adams.  (Brave and the Bold #86) It was a great introduction to this super character.

This is not a traditional "animated" figure.  He has a little too much definition on his arms, legs, and torso.  He also never appeared on the T.V. shows.  This one took a good deal of puzzling to figure out.

The arms legs and lower torso came from a Speed Racer Captain Terror figure.  The upper torso came from a Sunfire figure from the X-Men 6 pack.  The head came from a BTNA Mr. Freeze figure.

I used plumber's putty to smooth out some of the sculpting on the body.  I also used it to create the flaps of his shoes.

The figure was then primed, painted, and sealed.