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Clayface transforming into the Joker

This was a project that I embarked upon as a whim.  How could I display the transforming property of Clayface in the form of an action figure?

The body base for this was a Clayface figure and a Joker figure.  (Both were Diamond repaints for those of you who are cringing right now.)

I sliced the left portion of Clayface's body (Including his left arm) off.  I removed the right arm and the legs of the Joker.

I joined the two figures with plumber's putty.  I attempted to add as much surface detail as I could while the putty was still malleable.  I also applied the putty in layers to continue the fluid line of the figures design. 

I especially love how the grimace of Clayface flows into the grin of the Joker.

The figure was then primed, painted, and sealed.