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Batgirl (Version II)


I still gotta say, I have been a sucker for girls in tights since Yvonne Craig swung into action in the 60's.

I got the idea for this figure from a fellow on Ebay.  Darn clever!

The body base for Batgirl is a Danger Girl Abbey Chase figure .  Gloves and boots trimmed and sanded.  The glove trim and her cowl were added using plumber's putty.

The cape was donated by the Arkham Escape Batman.  Her hair came from Cosmic Angela.  The belt buckle was sculpted from plumber's putty.

The figure was then primed, painted with acrylics, and sealed.  Her bat emblem was a water transfer decal printed on my ink jet printer.  The figure was then, again, sealed with Dullcote.